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E-Commerce Web Site Redesign and Optimization (Allan J. Coleman)


An e-commerce company wanted to update a website for a newer e-commerce platform. The client's request was to make it look modern but keep the company's branding. 

Stage 1: Analysis

We found several "problem spots" on the home page that might lower a web site usability and conversion rate:

  • too many action buttons on the same page

  • some in-active design elements looked like buttons

  • links to important files were not obvious and overlapped other design elements

Old wedsite version:

Stage 2: Wireframing

During wireframing process, we applied new design decisions for the problems we discovered in the first stage:

  • simplifying design and creating web site hierarchy by splitting content into blocks

  • adding buttons instead of links   

Stage 3: Creating an interactive prototype

The same process was applied to a mobile version.

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