My name is Valerie Kon,

and I am a UI/UX designer.


Methodology & Developmental Psychology, MD

Russia, Moscow / 2002-2007

Interactive Media Certificate Program

USA, San Diego / 2015-2016

Professional Photography

and Adobe Photoshop Classes

Russia, Moscow / 2010-2012

Creative Experience

UI Designer - Codifi

San Diego, CA / 2017-2019

Freelance graphic designer /

photographer / retoucher 

San Diego, CA / 2013-2017

Graphic Designer - KnowledgeCity

Carlsbad, CA / 2019-2020

Graphic designer - PassionBug

Dallas, TX / 2020-Current

Primary Skills
Creative Mindset
Technical skills

I look for inspiration in art, movies, and the newest design trends from the best artists in their field to improve my creativity. After research and setting goals for future design, I work on several ideas to choose from. The most challenging ones help me to master my hard skills and try new technics.

My previous photography experience helped me to develop a keen eye for aesthetics and details which is necessary for Graphic Design.


Almost 5 years of experience in the psychology field has given me a strong knowledge of the human mindset and behavior.  Empathy helps me in a better understanding of user/client needs, what they are looking for or the problem they are trying to solve, what feelings and emotions the design should evoke for the best efficiency. 

Being a part of a creative team means to me being able to discuss and collaborate with other professionals to create a great final product. 

Fast Learning
Organizational Skills

As a UI/UX designer, I eager to learn quickly. The most efficient way for me to do it is to work on live projects with more experienced professionals and team members, to solve new problems, and to meet challenges. I am looking for new job opportunities. Even if I am still improving my expertise, my professional attitude and enthusiasm might be a good investment in every creative team.
Being a creative person, it is not easy to keep everything in order but working on real projects taught me to be efficient and save a bunch of time being organized.

Case Study

Landing Page Design For A Catering Company With A Booking Form

B2B company landing page.jpg

Hero Shot & Social Media Post for Beauty Bakery 


Working for IT start-up, I have created a logo, branding (a style guide, business cards, presentations, and brochures), and full web site design (5 web pages). 

Codifi.me Branding and Web Design


A Mobile User Account And  A Sign In Page.


A Mortgage Calculator.


My responsibilities as a graphic designer were:
- create and develop a style guide for an online course;
- gather design assets (vectors, illustrations, animations, photos, and videos) to maximize the impact of learning;
- design or adjust vectors and video templates;
- create course storyboards;
- revise the quality of video lessons during the production process.

On-line courses design for KnowledgeCity

Video course example.jpg
Video course example4.jpg
Video course example3.jpg
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